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IPCD is based in Richfield, NC, and has been a leader in providing exceptional product and system solutions for applications since 1976. At IPCD, we specialize in helping businesses find the right equipment and services to meet their needs. Whether you need a custom-built solution or a product from one of our trusted partners, we can provide you with the best options.

NEW VIDEO!! – Empowering Industries: A Look Inside IPCD

Take an inside look at IPCD and understand why our history of supporting the conveyor industry is second to none. Our people, design, fabrication, drive design, and procurement of the many replacement parts are in fact why we are setting the standard that other companies try to achieve. Located in beautiful Albemarle, NC From the head to the tail, and everything in between!

Time lapse construction video of our corporate headquarters

We invite you to experience the building of IPCD’s new office building in Albemarle, NC. You can watch a time-lapse video of the construction of the building, starting from its foundation and ending with its completion. This video is a reminder for us all to appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into creating something so amazing with our own two hands. We hope you enjoy watching the video of this incredible feat of construction!

42“ x 104′ Stainless Steel Dome Conveyor with a 55′ Galvanized Support Tower

Aerial view of a 42″ x 104′ Stainless Steel Dome Conveyor with a 55′ Galvanized Support Tower that Masaba and IPCD partnered on. Innovation and creativity integrated with exceptional functionality and attention to detail is why IPCD should be your partner for all your conveyor needs. From the head to the tail, and everything in between!

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IPCD is a leading distributor of industrial products, conveyors and drives. We serve customers in Albemarle, NC area as well as the entire United States. We offer a complete line of products from major manufacturers, including bearings, belts, chain, sprockets, pulleys, sheaves and more. We also offer a full line of conveyor belt products and services. IPCD is your one-stop shop for all your industrial product needs. Call us today or visit our website to learn more about our products and services.


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