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Cleveland Gear has been producing open worm gearing and enclosed drives for over 100 years. Today, Cleveland Gear is recognized as the industry leader. of the most demanding operating conditions for over 100 years. Today, Cleveland Gear is recognized as the leader in gearing and enclosed gear drives.

We provide solutions for a wide variety of critical industrial applications in the most demanding operating conditions. From the initial worm gearsets we produced for early automobiles and trucks, to the gearing and drives used in the production of steel, the pulverizing of coal for electric power generation, the transport of material, or moving people in the world’s busiest airports and mass transit systems, you’ll find Cleveland Gear.

Welcome to the world of Cleveland Gear. Learn about our open gearing, enclosed drives, custom drives, service and rebuilds. You can download catalogs or use our Product Configurator to help you select the right gearing and/or drives for your application.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our capabilities to ensure that you can rely on Cleveland Gear for your gearing and enclosed drive needs.

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32163 Hwy 49 Richfield, NC 28137
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